Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Character designs~

I've mentioned that I mentioned this, but yeah I'm going through a style crisis. I'd like my style to be a bit more cartoony, but not TOO cartoony, cant be too realistic either, and am having a lot of trouble finding a happy medium (sadface). Buuuut I guess that's all part of being an artist, and I'll make a break through eventually!

This style is reeeeally fun, but not exactly what I want : p

Till next time!

Monday, 30 May 2011


Funny how I'm more worried about getting posts up than actually having people look at them! Silly meeeee~

I mentioned before something about being in an art style crisis at the moment, and because of this I find myself uninspired to draw. Whenever I feel inspiration falling through my fingers, I draw nekkid people. Totally helps!

Here are some sketches in colored crayons, refs from www.3d.sk

Ref from senshistock.deviantart.com
 No refs used on this one! (you can tell)
 Here are some 30 second drawings I sketched, posemaniacs.com
 Some 15 second sketches

I actually have pages and pages full of nekkid people I drew, but uploading them takes way too long so I'm just going to save the rest for later or something.

More to come tomorrow!


I was looking through my photoshop folders and came across these quick paintings I did a little while ago. I'm going through a bit of a (a severe) style crisis with my art these days, and these are some experimentations of sorts. I'm fond enough (not really) of them I suppose!

Hmm.... now I REALLY feel like making more. So, I shall do that! 

Alive and well! Quite well actually. HUZZAAAAH~

Weeeell I was having lots of problems with my old blog for some reason, like I cant seem to even sign in anymore.... not a problem! I was tired of that stinky old blog anyways. Hmm. So a new blog! What fun, now lets see if I can keep this one active long enough to get a real taste for this blogging business.

I think my biggest problem is that I'm too lazy to turn my scanner on and scan stuff. That's just, really sad. Doesn't help that I have an enormous volume of art to scan, that's what I get for waiting so long to update!

I never learn.