Monday, 27 February 2012

Usually I would wait until tomorrow to update again but I want my sketchbook and conceptart to be at the same place as my blog so here's a smaller update!

Some random janitors

Concept sketches for a character (AHAHAHA I CANT DRAW CATS but I still like these(and feet fml))

And I painted an old man! Happy with this one : )

And something random I forgot I drew

More soon!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Stuff I drew lately!

First off, some head doodles based on shapes

Some full body character sketches

Hand studies

And my favorite stuff from life drawing this week, too  big to scan so a webcam pic will have to do lololol

20 minutes in charcoal

5 minutes in charcoal

 Got a bunch of new paintings started, will update with those soon!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Alright so here's what I've been working on for my animation portfolio!

I feel like I could do WAY better but bleeeeehhh I just want to send my application in before I start obsessing about everything too much, hopefully it'll be good enough to get at least accepted OTL Looking at these just makes me see how far I have to go as a character designer/artist, so kicking myself in the butt for focusing on painting all these years instead of drawing!

I have to draw a four shelf bookcase with 12 items in 2 point perspective and this is what I have so far I AM SO BAD AT PERSPECTIVE its kind of pathetic. Siiigh its not done yet though, would love some feedback, I don't have an eye for this stuff at all!

Finished Fluttershy yaaaay <3 now onto Twilight Sparkle!

drew my bro Caro as a pony : D BEAUTYBUZZ YEP.

A very quick foot study

And more foot studies.

Went to life drawing last night and I think it went GREAT! I bought a huge super cheap sketchpad and a stick of charcoal and drew horizontally, it was super fun! I would post them here but they're way too huge for my scanner looool, I was thinking about getting a camera soon anyways though. 

Monday, 20 February 2012

So I've been working on my portfolio for Miramichi pretty much non stop, lots of stuff on the way but I don't feel like posting anymore wips or working on anything else until I get it done SO HERE'S ME AS A PONY <3

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Life drawing was canceled this week baaaaaw but hey more stuff I drew!

Trying to plan a paintg with a simple bg to practice but aaah I am so terrible at theem

Decided I want to start practicing drawing old people!

Some older folks I drew, surprised at how well they came out!

Random peopleee

Doing a set of mlp stickers for Animritimes!

And a finished painting with a white background! Wow! 


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Lots of wip's today! 

This one is pretty much done, just need to add some final touches to it. Still experimenting with new painting techniques! 

Decided to start working on stuff to sell at the con, my little pony is really huge right now (not to mention I love it! <3) So I figured it would be great for stickers!

Made some progress on my charmander!

Foot study!

Sketched out all the main cast of ponies in profile view, the others are on another page. I'm forcing myself to draw them on paper instead of straight on photoshop as always lololol

Lots of changes in my life right now, gotta focus my energy on my art <3

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Went to life drawing class this week, man I enjoy it so much <3

Added some feet studies next to my charmander sketch

More feet studiiies

Two old men

And the fruits of my labor from life drawing!

Started painting charmander, trying a new technique.... its not working out too well :T AHAHAHA gotta keep tryiiing

Wow I dont remember drawing so much since monday but uh, okay.