Thursday, 26 January 2012

More art!

some quick head and ear studies

AND FEET. I've decided for the next week I want to really work on learning foot anatomy. Here's what I got so far!
All stuff from Jack Hamm's book!

Studies from Hampton's book!

I said I didnt want to post WIPs anymore but wtv, a cute little snake I want to paint! Something really simple to see if I can get some good detail and lighting.


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

For some reason I really dislike updating with just one or two images.


Working on this character still

Aaaaand this week's life drawing class drawings!

Head studies because I suck at them

Doesnt seem like I drew much since my last update but I've been working on a lot of digital stuff! dont feel like showing wip's for some reason.


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

 Here's what I drew in the past 2 days!

 Reworking a character design for my animation portfolio

Some 30 second poses and random studies

Here's stuff from yesterday's life drawing class! First sketches were drawn with a square charcoal crayon, never used it before!

Then I switched to regular led

A WIP of some lineart I'm doing for my animation portfolio!

And another

And a 20 minute "study" really not sure I learned anything from this but hahaha I am so bad at backgrounds!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Haven't updated in a little while, but I have been drawing everyday which is what matters! I've just been away from my scanner and I'm too lazy to upload stuff sometimes :D

Trying my hand at drawing more expressions, I really like the first one which is "angry", the second one not so much though! Its supposed to be pleased but BLEH.

Drew some action poses with a random martial arts girl, just because! Gotta draw more poses from imagination!

I need to have 5 drawings of hands for my Miramichi portfolio so I started working on that! Don;t know if I'm going to use any of these but anyways!

I also need 5 drawings of feet! So here are some drawings of my feet and my boyfriend's feet lololol

More hand drawings, the one on the left is really weak but i kinda like the one on the right!

Some really rough sketches of a nun I'm designing for my portfolio!

The nun again, have to draw her in two poses, I'm probably going to ink these on photoshop!

Some quick poses

More quick poses

Quick poses without reference

I decided I would try drawing quick poses inspired by an emotion. So here we have "cautious". I'm a complete loser and I misspelled cautious lololol

And finally a painting study! Not sure how long it took, but pretty sure it took less than an hour. 

More soon! And I'll try to updae more often instead of doing these big dumps, but as long as I keep drawing everyday its all that matters!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Los of sketches because I'm too lazy to put them all one one!

Some body types just for fun

and the rest is all stuff from life drawing class! I want to start going every week c: