Monday, 25 February 2013

The one that got away

So here's the cleaned up version of my Toyshop layout! Tons of stuff wrong with it still haha, but I learned a hell of a lot from it and for my first ever finished layout it isn't too bad! Looking forward to cleaning up my jungle one next. The line work is kind of sloppy, my hands are so shakyyyy 

I feel so silly drawing myself so much, I must look like I'm so self obsessed haha. But honestly it's just really fun and liberating drawing these dumb little doodles! 

Remembering out of the blue that I forgot to roll up the rim on my cup the day before.

The one that got away.

We had a lot of fun in life drawing class today, had to draw 3 minute portraits of classmates without looking at what we were drawing. Hilarity ensued. 

And finally, a buncha boring life drawing stuff!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

 So I bought a bunch of pastels, been having fun with those! I'm not at all familiar with the medium but I think I'll really benefit from experimenting. 

Just drew a random girl for practice, swirly hair is fuuunn. 

3 charmander designs! Really feel like I could push the body shapes further, oh well, next time. (Next pokemon will be sandshrew!)
Pastel Pikachu

Some quick pen doodles with blue col-erase/pastels

I bought some Inda ink and a set of pen nibs, had some fun just doodling random stuff. It all looks sort of... weird haha, but it's very liberating. I feel like if I can teach myself to let loose and just draw random shapes and lines that it'll help to develop my design sense and maybe even my own style. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Some drawing jam doodles

And another dumb comic. And unfortunately, it's a very true story. 

Monday, 18 February 2013

Here's some school stuff! Slooowly making my way back to the internet, hoping to start updating regularly again. I think it's really important to keep drawing personal stuff too, I don't want to turn into a an art robot haha

Muscle studies (Bonus points for the Zelda font)

We had to draw one character in 10 styles, I chose Relatively Strong Girl. Some of them I like, some of them I don't, wish I could have taken more time to make them nicer! It was especially difficult because although I wanted to embrace the different features of each style, I wanted to keep her overall design consistent. Her proportions don't cary over too well to certain styles haha, I tried! 

Jungle Layout! I like this one a lot better than the Toyshop, but I'm hoping to make it look better once I get some critique and revisions. I'll be cleaning it up too, of course. 

We had to draw 10 poses of Goofy, I learned a lot! Goofy is really tough to draw, mostly because he caries himself with so much personality. It's not about putting basic shapes together in good proportion, certain poses or postures, even subtle expressions are out of character for Goofy. It's the Goofy essence that's really difficult to capture. I did my best, but I think if I would have practiced Goofy more and watched more Goofy cartoons it would have made a big difference. 

I drew more pokemon! I wanna draw moooore

Sunday, 17 February 2013

I'm stranded in my house HAHA, man, so much snow. They closed college today which really sucks considering how much work we have to do, fortunately I have some homework I can do from home... it's going to be hard to stay motivated with Netflix being here and all.


Friday, 15 February 2013

Still really busy with school, but we did caricaturing in class today so I figured a quick little update is in order. So here are my very first attempts at caricaturing EVER, I def need to push the exaggeration a lot more but I'm pretty satisfied with them none the less!

This one is of one of the students from the 3d course, don't know his name oops!

Here's a 10 minute one of my roommate Shelby! had a lot of trouble with hers, doesn't really look like a caricature haha

And finally Vanessa! Had a lot of fun with this one 

I def want to do more caricatures in the future, but for now, back to homework! 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


I somehow managed to get WAY behind in my school work so I'll be on hiatus for a bit, I really need to improve my time management skills HAHA

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Spent all weekend working on my very first animatic! Turns out Final Cut Pro is really easy to use which is good, but it's a slow process none the less haha. Looking back at the old Fosters Home storyboards I drew last term I really shouldn't have rushed them in the end, I guess I didn't realize at the time that all those drawings would be blown up on a huge screen for when we're going to be screening all of them. OOPS. I already know how I want to go about certain things differently next time around, I'm already excited for it! It's super fun, although listening to my own voice is pretty horrifying hahahaaaa, I voiced Frankie! (had to do lots of kissy noises hurr durr)

Anyways, there's a challenge going around on tumblr right now, generate a random pokemon and make 3 designs. Looking at these I can see how far I've come with character design, I still have a really long way to go but I'm seeing some progress! Woulda probably helped if I was more knowledgeable of bird anatomy, but I decided to wing it (pun intended).

Been messing around with different textured brushes in photoshop, painted this fat cat because fat cats are just, the best.

As dorky as it sounds, I often find myself getting super emotional when watching animated movies. They're just so beautiful. And I don't even mean aesthetically, I just love and worship the art form. I'm loving it at college, I really feel as though I've found where I belong and what I'm meant to do, I just love it. Lately I've been getting really impatient, I want to get in the industry RIGHT NOW. Haha, I feel so naive saying that. I mean, what do I know about the industry, really? But meh, I prefer being a dreamer than a pessimist. I don't know where I'll end up, but I'm already excited to get there.

And a buncha Goofy gestures! We need to pick 10 of them to cleanup for cleanup class, I need to practice drawing him more haha.