Thursday, 29 November 2012

End of term madness at school right now! Can't believe its already christmas time, crazyyyy

Here's a bunch of school stuff!

Brought back an old sketchbook, drew the one on the left when I was 13, the one of the right yesterday. Will be redrawing a bunch more stuff!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Gestures tonight's life drawing session!

A new take on an ooooooooolllldd character

Anna Paquin in the style of Jimmy Two Shoes, again!

A new take on an old drawing

We're doing some anthropomorphic object designs for character design class, I'm doing a sexy fiddle and a bow, haven't drawn the bow yet! 

Monday, 19 November 2012

School stuff! I do have some sketches in my sketchbook, but I'll upload those another day.

Basic shapes and turn around for the lead character of my group storyboarding project! I want to make sure my team really has a good model sheet to reference, still have a bunch more sketches of this guy I want to do! 

Misc life drawing stuff, old pictures I never uploaded. I'll try taking some shots of new stuff soon. 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Here's some sketches for a character design I'm working on for school. We're doing our first group storyboarding projects, and my group is doing boards for a script I wrote! Each of us has to design a character, and I got the lead. We had to chose a style to emulate, so we decided on doing Foster's Home style since we're already familiar with it and because its simple and, of course, super nice! I'm planning on really pushing myself as far as I can for this project, so I want to make sure the main character is appealing, but also really easy to draw. 

So I've sort of been trying to combine Mac and Frankie (and a bit of Wilt for the legs and feet) for this guy. Overall its a bit more rounded and fluid than what you'd see in Foster's home, but I really need to give this character 3d function and form since I'll be doing a turn around of him. 

I got some revisions on his sweater, but this is probably very close to what he's going to look like in the end. Not particularly original, but I'm satisfied none the less! I really wish I knew how to illustrate him with super nice lines like in the show, I guess I'd need to use illustrator or flash for that? I'm not even sure haha, line work is def not my strong point! 

Here's Anna Paquin in the style of Jimmy Two Shoes for Tara's drawing Jam!  

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Just a very few of the many gesture drawings I drew over the past few weeks!

We just did some skull studies, here are some 15 minute portraits I drew for that assignment. 

School stuff!

I drew a mermaid!