Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Finished commission + Step by Step

Finally managed to finish this commission! I feel like it took forever for some reason!

I'm pleased with how it came out I suppose, I just hope the client likes it! Its one of his D&D characters, I've never played the game but it actually sounds like a lot of fun!

And I decided to put together a step by step of my King Koopa  piece, just for fun!

Here's a brief description of all the steps :

1 : Very rough sketch on photoshop, blocked out certain values and such.

2 : Added some rough base colors.

3 : Overlayed a layer of colors to give it some punch and bring the colors together.

4 : Started painting! I also changed the color of the sky.

5 : Painted some more, mostly focused on Bowser's face.

6 : More painting...

7 : Added the fire balls and small details.

8 : Overlayed another layer of colors to make bowser the focus point!

More to come soon!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Portrait, anatomy and some studies of sorts!

I'm really proud of myself, I've been drawing a lot lately. Pretty much everyday! Gotta keep this up, I feel like I'm finally making some real progress!

Anyways, here's a little cartoony portrait thing I made for my sis! She's been bugging me foreeever to get it, although I really have been procrastinating on it lololol

Been working on my anatomy as always, tried some looser sketches, they really just look messy and sloppy though. Some 30 second poses are scattered all around that I did using posemaniacs.com!

I been studying the art of many great artists lately, but in particular Glen Keane. I adore his style. Its just so... expressive and emotional and the anatomy, DAT ANATOMY, godly. So I tried my hand at his style a bit!

I really like these two sketches of Ray and Noena actually. The style is really fun and lose, although they both have that same crooked smile! I'll need to work on more creative expressions, that's next on the list~

Working on a character on the left, I'm not that fond of the drawing but meh. On the right is just a sketch of Ray and Noena again!

And here we have bluves, not entirely pleased with the sketch but I may color him regardless. 

And that's it for now! Go some more stuff on the way soon, gotta finish those commissions!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Gymnasts and a WIP! + life update

I cant remember exactly when I started caring about learning proper anatomy, but I do know that it couldn't have been soon enough. I've always been the type to buy a new sketch book and only ever fill it half way before buying a new one, so I always had some drawing space in an abandoned sketch book somewhere. But lately I've been drawing so may anatomy sketches that I'm running out of room! all my sketch books are being filled with naked people and meaningless exploratory doodles, needless to say I need to go shopping for some new ones. Years ago I started drawing gymnasts because of their exaggerated poses and muscle structures, and now years later I've gotten back into it.

Here's a quick nude for fun

And now the gymnast sketches!

Skethcing anything other than nudes and such has been difficult lately, I'm having another style block I think! Oh well, as long as I dont stop drawing that's all that matters I suppose. On the left in Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball Z, on the right is a character in the works!

And here's a WIP of a commission I'm working on, I'm quite happy with how its looking actually! 

So, I am REALLY bad when it comes to choosing a school. I've had a number of different plans in the last year alone, from bachelor's degrees to online courses to everything in between! But, finally I've made some real progress I think. There's an animation program not far from where I live, but I always figured it wasn't very good seeing as, well, its here in the maritimes. But, after some extensive research and creeping I found that it not only seems legit, but really fun! So, I've decided if nothing else comes up this year I'll be going there next year. Yep!

And that's all for now, hopefully I'll have some art with more substance coming up sooon!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

20 YEARS OLD BABY! And lots of tld;r

Wow, can't believe summer is nearing its end already! But I suppose its about time for things to fall back into that autumn routine, although its going to be weird for me seeing as I'm not going to school this year! Man I really need to sit down and think about what school I want to go to.... HHMMM. NEXT YEAR FOR SURE.

Hey it was my birthday last week! Turned the big 20, officially a non teen. I had an awesome b-day with my girls and the boy friend, got some awesome gifts and some good times! It was actually my bf's birthday four days after mine so lots and lots of cake and partying was had last week, a little too much partying actually... oh well, it was about time I got some alcohol induced vomiting anyways!

Sooo on to art stuff, I was having a lot of trouble thinking of gifts to get the bf, but I knew I wanted to draw something custom for him and get it printed on a tshirt. So I asked his buddies and his older bro, finally his bro came up with the idea of Link playing the guitar (he loves Zelda and playing the guitar!) I thought it was an awesome idea so I rolled with it! And here's the end result :

The pose is based on a pic of John Mayer because he's pretty much gay for him lololol. He really loved it so I'm happy! Unfortunately the artwork was flipped when it was printed on the tee, so Link is right handed instead of left handed, but oohh weeell!

I finished one of my commissions finally! The other two are coming along well, but they still need quite a bit more time. I can't really say I'm happy with this, nor was this really fun to paint, I'm not a big fan of anime anymore and such. But anyways, it is what it is.

So, I've made some decisions regarding my artwork. I've mentioned this many times before, but coloring and shading has always been my strength, and other useless thing like drawing hair. I'm just so tired of it. None of that really matters when you get down to it, nice shading wont make the composition of a piece that much better, and pretty hair wont bring out a characters emotions and tell you what they're thinking. I guess I just really need to learn how to draw properly. so, I've decided that I will NOT draw on photoshop anymore, all my drawings will start on paper as they should. Not to say I don't want to paint on photoshop anymore, I just need to stop depending on tools to resize and stretch instead of plain ol' erasing and starting over. AND NO MORE COPY PASTING THAT SECOND EYE. Hmmm~

Anyways, I'm getting really tired of trying to draw realism, plus I don't even like it all that much anymore. Before I used to love conceptual artwork from things like video games and movies, really bad ass looking characters with cool backgrounds and stuff like that. But meh, not really anymore. Now I search for more stylized artwork, nice character designs, which is also what I'm trying to achieve with my own artwork. I've been studying two "how to draw" books by Ben Caldwell, love his style, not exactly what I'm looking for but I'd love to pick up some cartoony flairs for myself.

Been experimenting with inks lately, sometimes its win and other times complete and utter failure, but I'm having fun regardless!

Here's a full body lineart of Ray, I was trying for something a little different looking, but meh just kinda looks weird! Oh well, I tried!

(also lol hands I don't even try anymore)

And some headshot inks, man front views are sooo tricky. 99% of time they end up lop sided.
So we got some Ray and Bluves! Gotta draw him more!

And here we have some sketches of Ray, first one is just your typical cheesy "my life is about to get way more interesting" and second "lolololol always hated my hair"

And some emo angst with Noena just because!

And just some sketch experiments for fun!
 Awful scan on the last one, that sketch book is giant lololol

Jeeezz this entry is giant, I should start updating more frequently with smaller entries instead of these massive dumps, oh well I'll try in the futuuurree!

Also I miss my drawing buddieeess gaaiizz we need to get together and draaawww