Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Been reading Andrew Loomis' Successful Drawing, really enjoying it! I've been contemplating on trying my hand at backgrounds again, but every time I try it just doesn't work.... the reason being that I don't actually understand how perspective works, of course. SO. I'm going to be working on that from now on, starting from the ground up! Back to drawing cubes for me.

I always place the vanishing points too close to the subjects and end up getting weird distortions, once I get a better set up (I bought a super nice new drafting table for when I move out!) hopefully I'll have more space to set things up better. 

We have an old home video of my sis and myself singing Lion king tunes, thought it would be fun to illustrate! My sister was the lead of course, she knew all the words, I on the other hand just bobbed along side her, singing jibberish since I didn't know how to speak english very well yet! Haha

Karen from the Harvest Moon series, had a huge fem crush on her when I was a kid!

I will be done with work in two days. Thinking about opening 10$ sketch commissions or something, the idea of having NO INCOME WHATSOEVER is pretty terrifying! 

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Lots of hanging out this weekend with the girls, really needed that <3 Still managed some art though!

I reeeeally need to start doing more figure drawings, hopefully I can make it to life drawing this week!

Mooooore felines! Realistic on the left, cartooned on the right.

More kitty sketches

Fun character sketches

Bought some new copic markers! Uh, tried a different shading technique, really need to keep practicing! (also weeeee I love drawing curvy giiirls)


Friday, 27 July 2012

Back to drawing cats! I definitely see a difference since I started studying feline anatomy! My biggest problem is probably posing, since I don't really understand how cats move. Gotta keep studying!

I'd love to get into painting again, specially for doing backgrounds and such, but I feel like I really need to focus on actual DRAWING..... maybe once I'm done work (THURSDAY IS MY LAST DAY CAN HARDLY BELIEVE IT) I'll have a lot more time, I really want to improve before starting school in september! I've got so many books to go through, I'm challenging myself to actually FINISH them cover to cover instead of just skimming through like I would usually do. Its hard to focus on just one thing at a time, specially since I can see so many things I need to improve on. Gonna keep drawing animals for now, then I'd like to read some books on constructive anatomy, since proper construction is something my figures often lack. ANYWAYS, more soon!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My brain has been really tired lately, been really distracted, got a lot on my mind. Managed some doodles anyways! 

Monday, 23 July 2012

Would have drawn way more, but I started playing Harvest moon again.... and I'm hooked. WELP.

Had a greta lobster party with the fam last weekend, had a bit of time to sketch so I drew an elf! Listening to acadian/folk/celtic music on the deck of a cottage by the beautiful atlantic ocean, aaaah it was glorious. 

Painted super girl! Hate what I did with the arms, but oh well. Lined with brush and ink, colored with water colors.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Having a lobster party with the fam today, woooo! Gonna be a good time, luckily I remembered to update before leaving.

Here's some surprise art for my bro Gabi, Helvetica Jones from her webcomic! Check it out : http://handj.thewebcomic.com/

Something I found between the pages of my sketchbook, I drew this at the con.

A fun character concept! Dem hips

Some doodles from work

I need to start thinking about poses before I start drawing, I never really plan in advance..... still so much to learn! Got an awesome book on composition and design that I ordered off of Ebay, can't wait to start reading it!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Too lazy to write anything intelligent, so look at this random stuff!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

 Went to life drawing with Jan tonight! Wasn't the greatest session ever, it was really crammed and I just couldn't keep my head in it, but fun none the less. Sorry for the grainy pics, used my webcam to take them!

Started the feline section in Jack Hamm's book! I've been wanting to do more cat caricatures, but I want to wait until I have a better understanding of feline anatomy first, I'm curious to see how different it will be to actually understand what I'm cartooning! 

Not much original stuff today, feels like I've just been too tired to really apply myself. I've been having the hardest time sleeping lately, too much on my mind I suppose!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

I want to start doing more gesture drawings, its been a lot of fun with my brush pen!

Been a while since I did any face studies, so I drew this. I need to do way more!

A bit more studying from Jack Hamm's book, gonna start the section on cats tomorrow!

Fun little character

Some doodles from work I forgot to upload friday

I can't believe I only have three weeks of work left! So many amazing things on the way, trip to New York with the girls, moving out, art school, AAAHH SO EXCITED!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Still having fun with brushes and ink, just some quick gestures.

Thought it would be fun to design a character based on a shape, and another based on the same shape except flipped! 

Started a fun new story project which involves designing all the greek muses, FUN. Will def be working on this more!

More fun with water colors! Just trying different styles

A cute little self portrait, that is way cuter than I am in real life!

Forgot to upload this last time, a collaboration between myself and Laura Blackbeard! Check out her blog here http://lbsaturdaysun.blogspot.ca/ 

A lot of fun, I love painting other artist's lines!