Thursday, 20 October 2011

Walking up hiiiilll

So things have been a little less productive with art lately, but luckily it hasn't stopped completely. Hoping to start doing studies more often as of today, gotta start working hardeeeer!

So wednesday I was really sick and didn't even go to work (less money, but I love my days off!) so I decided I'd look through my older sketches and paint something for the lols, so I painted this :

I wanted to make it all nice and really finished looking but I was sick and lazy so this will have to do!

Other than that I have some anatomy studies from Burne Hogath's "Dynamic figure drawing", pretty much just copied some of his illustrations, hoping his words of wisdom actually stick in my head!

Some of those are just embarrassing, my weak knowledge of male anatomy is very apparent, ugh. Oh weeeelll gonna keep truckin'!

And here are some really quick 30 second drawings I did at one point, gotta start doing those more ofteeenn

And finally some sketches of some characters I came up with a while ago, with the help of my bud Gab! I so want to bring these guys back from the dead! Just some quickies~

More soon!

Sunday, 16 October 2011


Just a small update! Started painting again oh goooood how I've missed it! I have a lot of sketches to upload but I'm at my friend's place right now so I don't have a scanner! I'll post them late in a couple of days.
Here's the final version of the mystery girl, made the colors a lot darker than the WIP. Jeeezz those colors were just awful! Kind of happy with this, although there's a serious lack of movement as always.

And here we have a study, haven't painted one in a while! I'm quite happy with how this came out, I reeeeally need to start painting more dudes! Still rough but I'm not sweating the details!

That's all for now, more soooooon!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Ebooks mmmm~

I've got some more sketches (more of Michelle, big surprise @w@) She has definitely become my new default girl. I'm reluctant to really start developing her personality or background much, because if I do it would be harder to draw her doing whatever I feel like drawing at the moment!

Anyways, I'm reeeally trying my best to get some movement into my artwork, but gaaah Y SO HARD. I haven't done any gesture drawings in the last week unfortunately, been busy over the weekend and such! Need to get on thaaat.

Here are some running poses, gaaaah I never know what to do with the arms! I like the bottom half of the left one though!

Some more sketches, trying to work on lumberjack zombie slaying girl a bit more, power puff girl is still looking as bland as ever!

And a fun sketch of Michelle, because I can. PROPORTIONSWHATARETHOSE?

I have some other sketches, but I want to wait until I finish filling up the pages as to avoid scanning a page multiple times. Yep! Also added some fun toning on the sketches, a fun little change ~

Ah yes and one of my bff's sent me a link to a bunch of downloadable drawing books, so I've been reading those! I'm currently reading "Dynamic figure drawing" by Burne Hogarth, I plan on reading "dynamic hands" by the same author afterwards and there's also "dynamic life drawing for animators" which sounds VERY interesting! Lets see if I can gain any real knowledge from these! 

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Lately I've been feeling really anxious to just start my studies and move out. Which is REALLY unlike the old me, just the thought of moving away almost brought me to tears just a year ago! I'm finally growing up it seems. We're five people in my house right now and I don't know, the idea of being out on my own is just so appealing! I'll be able to buy a car soon (and hopefully drive it if I can ever get my license lololol) so I guess that'll be good to get some more independence. Bottom line it just feels weird to be thinking this way. Its just so, unlike what I've been all my life.... its so incredibly refreshing. I'm very happy.

As for the art, well, I just wish I could see it through the eyes of another. I know I'm really hard on myself but gaaahh I just cant seem to look at my art (especially my newer attempts at cartooning) and like much of it! I guess comparing my art to gods like Glen Keane isn't helping too much either.... But I dunno, I often compare my old art to my new art and think "was I way better at that style??" But I'm determined to nail this cartooning thing. I guess I'm just not used to adding much movement and emotion to my artwork, it was always "OMG PRETTY HAIR" and "PRETTY SHADING AND OVERLY COMPLEX DESIGN". I feel like when I was trying to stop drawing anime aaaaalll over again, nothing fits just right or looks right. Baaah but anyways. Enough with the tld;r! I've got some recent sketches and some rough paintings! Yeah!

Here we have an old sketch I decided to paint quickly, trying new brushes. I may or may not polish this!

Another work in progress of a character in the works! This one I plan to fully render, though I'm not used to painting this kind of character so its a little weeiirrdd!

Trying to get some movement and emotion in my sketches, I don't hate them I suppose.

Again, more sketches for movement mostly emotions GAAAAH Y SO HARD

More sketches and coming up with new characters!

And some character developing sketches! 
More to come soon!