Thursday, 29 September 2011

Artistic stretching

So I started myself a sketchblog over on, I had one once before but I let it die (not surprisingly). I'm just not getting enough crit on my art these days so I figured that would be the best place to go! I've got a bunch of studies and gesture drawings to show for~

Some life drawings.
Another anatomy practice + some much needed hands =A=

More haaanndddss

Trying to get some more movement into my art, gaaah so haarrd!

large poses were done in 60 secs, small ones 30

mostly 30 sec drawings

Some gesture drawings with pen, tried to prevent my pen from leaving the page as much as possible (thanks for the pro tip gab 8D)

and agaaain

And that's it! Hopefully many more of these to come!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Just some artz

Not much to report, but I did draw some stuff!

Here's my newest painting, and I'm glad to say I'm quite satisfied with it! Obviously dome flaws (DAMN HANDS) but ima work on iiiit

Here we have a sketch of the cowboy spirit or whatever, really need to work on this guy's background!

working on another character, she's a hot lumberjack zombie slayer!

Hot lumberjack again, trying to give her a unique face :p

Jeeeez I really need to work on avoiding lopsidedness eeuuugghh

Anyways, more soon!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Ghosts, zombies, powerpuff girls, superheroes, bikini girls etc.

Hmmm feels like its been a while since I updated! Time has been lumbering along slowly as of late, but honestly I'm not complaining. I guess actually DOING something everyday does that! The new job is going really well, although the last week has been kinda meh, PMS and cramps and whatnot. Another couple of weeks and I should be completely at ease and really know what I'm doing! Oddly enough being surrounded by french food and pastries has really inspired me.... but I'm hoping I wont get fat. UGH. EVERYTHING LOOKS SO GOOOOOOD. But everything is also made out of butter OnO

So I've been drawing a lot of those characters from my last update a lot, I was even able to come up with some names.

So Bikini girl is now Michelle Bernardini! For now anyways. Haven't developed her too much yet, but she is just too fun to draw, she's pretty much naked after all!
I decided she will almost always be wearing a bikini. Why? Just because.

And here we have another character I've somewhat managed to name, Lighthouse! Lighthouse is a super hero, probably uses photon energy laser type power things.... or something. And he can fly. But that's pretty much all I've got on him!

And Ghost girl will now be known as Eclair! I've been doodling her a lot lately, Michelle and her are the main characters of this weird story/thing I've been working on.

 The power puff girl wannabe is still nameless, but still fun to draw!

Here we have some zombies..... I hardly EVER draw decaying corpses so I'm really not sure what I'm doing. Very rough designs, but at least I got a good direction going!.... I think? Their names will be something like Cormier, Leblanc, Arseneault, Bourque, Doucet, Landry, etc, or along those lines.

I was trying out some quick inking on Eclair (and yes you're supposed to see her head through her hair!) And a fun little sketch of Michelle.

And some more sketches of Michelle! 

And all these characters belong to the same story (dunno if i can even call it that) but boy are they fun!

More to come soon!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Many changes, little time!

Where to start! So the last couple of weeks have been really eventful, mainly because I got a new job! yep, finally quit my job at the pizza place, now I'm working full time at a cute little french bakery! The hours are sweet, and the job is do-able so I'm quite happy, though I'm not a very good waitress haha. I'm just so happy I found a monday to friday job, all weekends off! Which is perfect for chillin' with the girl friends and the boy friend who all started college!

So anyways, I fiiiinally finished my last commission from animaritimes!

So the composition is really weird, hiccup is so small! Oh well, it was a full body commission so I suppose there was no avoiding it! I'm quite happy with it regardless. I've been stopping myself from start any new paintings until I finished this one, now I'm going to go crazzyyy and paint forevveerr!!

I've also been working on something.... really random. Just a bunch of characters that I'm going to try and fit into a story.. or something? I'm not really sure, but they're really fun to draw so wtv!
Here's a random bikini chick I've been drawing all the time, she's kind of my new muse. I guess right now I'm not looking to create unique realistic characters, I just want to draw.

More of the bikini chick~

Here we have some more random characters, bikini girl on top left, some kind of cow boy spirit on the top right and a ghost lady on the bottom right

Bikin girl, ghost lady and cow boy spirit again!

A powerpuff girl or something 

Bikini girl and ghost lady looking a bit more ghostly

Bikini girl being bikini girl

Ghost girl, powerpuff girl and cowboy spirit with friendly mutton chops and a bowler hat, just because.

Yep, I'll be coloring one of those sketches!