Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Alright so here's what I've been working on for my animation portfolio!

I feel like I could do WAY better but bleeeeehhh I just want to send my application in before I start obsessing about everything too much, hopefully it'll be good enough to get at least accepted OTL Looking at these just makes me see how far I have to go as a character designer/artist, so kicking myself in the butt for focusing on painting all these years instead of drawing!

I have to draw a four shelf bookcase with 12 items in 2 point perspective and this is what I have so far I AM SO BAD AT PERSPECTIVE its kind of pathetic. Siiigh its not done yet though, would love some feedback, I don't have an eye for this stuff at all!

Finished Fluttershy yaaaay <3 now onto Twilight Sparkle!

drew my bro Caro as a pony : D BEAUTYBUZZ YEP.

A very quick foot study

And more foot studies.

Went to life drawing last night and I think it went GREAT! I bought a huge super cheap sketchpad and a stick of charcoal and drew horizontally, it was super fun! I would post them here but they're way too huge for my scanner looool, I was thinking about getting a camera soon anyways though. 

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