Sunday, 2 February 2014

Big fat upload this week! 

I've been experimenting with a new brush, it's been really fun! Still though, I miss painting in a more detailed rendering style, I have a special project in mind coming up so that should be fun.

Here's something I TOTALLY forgot I painted, this was for a little competition thing going on at Copernicus. I designed this sun dude for it, his name is Sunny Starbrows! I've always wanted to try mixing detailed digital painting with flat colored cartoon elements, I'll definitely be experimenting with that concept some more in the near future! 

I've really been getting into twitter lately, I drew this for a twitter art challenge thing! Pretty happy with how the horse part came out, the human part not so much, oh well! 

Some security guard doodles i made for an art challenge group im in on facebook

At first I wasn't going to participate in hourly comics day, but yesterday I woke up and felt a sudden urge to try it! So here's what I was up to yesterday (also i got PM and AM mixed up sometimes haha)

And finally, here are the gestures I drew this week! 

I think I might start updating on Wednesdays too, depending on how busy I am

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