Friday, 15 July 2011

The end is near, lol nvm

Man, I'm feeling really good lately. Not just good health either, I'm just happy! Its funny how that works... one day can be the end of all things good, and the next is butterflies riding unicorns on rainbows!

Anyways, I've been very active with my paintings lately! For a while I just didn't enjoy it all that much, but now I can't even understand why I would ever feel that way. I think it may be because I started drawing my characters more often again, which I always loved before and now find that I still love! I guess I'm just drawing them more often while I wait for some commission information so I can get started on those, buuuut I do have one big commission in the works, its proving to be quite a challenge though!

Awesomely enough I was commissioned to paint Hiccup and Toothless, two characters that I love, but I'll admit my knowledge on dragon anatomy is well... inexistent. But Toothless is coming out surprisingly well I think! Hiccup on the other hand still needs some work, not sure I like the direction I have going for him. Anyways any kind of crit at all would be awesome! I really want to do these characters justice : )

I finished two simple paintings of some characters of mine, I'm happy enough with how they came out : )

 The top one is Noena and the bottom is Rayna, they have a sort of love hate relationship, mostly hate though. Hmmm how I have missed them c:

Did some more hand studies today, gosh I'm still so terrible! I'm not so bad when I have refs I suppose though!

Aaand a few anatomy sketches.

I've got more stuff on the way soon!


  1. Like I said, I really like Ray's redesign, it's simpler in a way that's much more solid, and gosh I love her little pull-rope vest. And Noena's hair loops are so cuute too!

    High-five for the hand anatomy practice, just keep at it, it's so worth it! I got another Alfons Mucha book the other day, and the way he draws hands are so soft and fleshy; I totally want to start practicing more, too! Mine look like claws, haha.

  2. Yeeeah I don't know why I thought "the more complex a design is the better!" before, I've come to hate unnecessary clutter! Hehe they're both just so fun to draw!

    I always thought I'd get better at them with time but I haven't improved on them all that much at all! So I'm taking matters into my own hands (SEE WUT I DID THAR) I was looking at some Mucha stuff at chapters the other day actually! Soooo need to get me one of those books!