Monday, 25 July 2011

Updates and things!

Things are moving forward in life!.... I think? Well I have an appointment at a local TD bank this week for possible funding options for animation mentor, getting a line of credit is kind of meh, but if that's what it takes to follow my dreams then I GOTTA DO IT! Hopefully something can be worked out.

Been working on commissions lately, I got all the descriptions from everyone sooo I can start really working on them! Will do so soon. Not much to show yet though!

In the meantime I've been doodling some stuff up, I've realized that my drawings really do lack form and movement. Coloring has ALWAYS been my strong point which is just sad. Its probably the least important thing. SO! I'll be doing lots more life drawing and studies to try and improve my drawing abilities, I'd also love to be able to pick up my speed and be able to doodle expressive characters. Here are some random doodles of my characters, very rough and just kind of fail buuutt wwttvv its a start!

I'm really enjoying working on them again which is awesome, I've really missed it! The story itself is taking shape as well I suppose, although its very Harry Potter like at the moment lolololol

So yeah, doodles!

Aaand some concept art of sorts for what the inside of a student's tent would look like. Didn;t turn out like I wanted it to, but meh I'll work at it.

I doodled this guy ages ago and thought he was super cute so I thought I would add some quick colors!

Anyways, more soon!

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