Monday, 19 September 2011

Ghosts, zombies, powerpuff girls, superheroes, bikini girls etc.

Hmmm feels like its been a while since I updated! Time has been lumbering along slowly as of late, but honestly I'm not complaining. I guess actually DOING something everyday does that! The new job is going really well, although the last week has been kinda meh, PMS and cramps and whatnot. Another couple of weeks and I should be completely at ease and really know what I'm doing! Oddly enough being surrounded by french food and pastries has really inspired me.... but I'm hoping I wont get fat. UGH. EVERYTHING LOOKS SO GOOOOOOD. But everything is also made out of butter OnO

So I've been drawing a lot of those characters from my last update a lot, I was even able to come up with some names.

So Bikini girl is now Michelle Bernardini! For now anyways. Haven't developed her too much yet, but she is just too fun to draw, she's pretty much naked after all!
I decided she will almost always be wearing a bikini. Why? Just because.

And here we have another character I've somewhat managed to name, Lighthouse! Lighthouse is a super hero, probably uses photon energy laser type power things.... or something. And he can fly. But that's pretty much all I've got on him!

And Ghost girl will now be known as Eclair! I've been doodling her a lot lately, Michelle and her are the main characters of this weird story/thing I've been working on.

 The power puff girl wannabe is still nameless, but still fun to draw!

Here we have some zombies..... I hardly EVER draw decaying corpses so I'm really not sure what I'm doing. Very rough designs, but at least I got a good direction going!.... I think? Their names will be something like Cormier, Leblanc, Arseneault, Bourque, Doucet, Landry, etc, or along those lines.

I was trying out some quick inking on Eclair (and yes you're supposed to see her head through her hair!) And a fun little sketch of Michelle.

And some more sketches of Michelle! 

And all these characters belong to the same story (dunno if i can even call it that) but boy are they fun!

More to come soon!


  1. Loving these new character concepts duuuuude, they sound so random but there's so much potential to build a story around them! I like that you can see Eclair's head through her hair, it really strengthens the ghosty feel. C: Also I love where you're going with the zombie names 8D

  2. Thanks man! I tend to forget Eclair is a ghost sometimes though, gotta make sure to make her believable! I really like Cormier and Leblanc, I'm torn between Landry, Arseneault and Bourque for the last one xD

  3. I think he should be Bourque...... just sayin' ;)