Thursday, 8 September 2011

Many changes, little time!

Where to start! So the last couple of weeks have been really eventful, mainly because I got a new job! yep, finally quit my job at the pizza place, now I'm working full time at a cute little french bakery! The hours are sweet, and the job is do-able so I'm quite happy, though I'm not a very good waitress haha. I'm just so happy I found a monday to friday job, all weekends off! Which is perfect for chillin' with the girl friends and the boy friend who all started college!

So anyways, I fiiiinally finished my last commission from animaritimes!

So the composition is really weird, hiccup is so small! Oh well, it was a full body commission so I suppose there was no avoiding it! I'm quite happy with it regardless. I've been stopping myself from start any new paintings until I finished this one, now I'm going to go crazzyyy and paint forevveerr!!

I've also been working on something.... really random. Just a bunch of characters that I'm going to try and fit into a story.. or something? I'm not really sure, but they're really fun to draw so wtv!
Here's a random bikini chick I've been drawing all the time, she's kind of my new muse. I guess right now I'm not looking to create unique realistic characters, I just want to draw.

More of the bikini chick~

Here we have some more random characters, bikini girl on top left, some kind of cow boy spirit on the top right and a ghost lady on the bottom right

Bikin girl, ghost lady and cow boy spirit again!

A powerpuff girl or something 

Bikini girl and ghost lady looking a bit more ghostly

Bikini girl being bikini girl

Ghost girl, powerpuff girl and cowboy spirit with friendly mutton chops and a bowler hat, just because.

Yep, I'll be coloring one of those sketches!


  1. lovely amazing concept art, my friend ^^
    So beautiful and with personality xD
    ...You got another fan now ^^

  2. Thanks! Very different from what I usually draw, but surprisingly I'm not feeling too out of place, which is good!