Thursday, 15 December 2011

Aaaaaaalrighty then.

WOW HAS IT ALREADY BEEN A WEEK SINCE MY LAST UPDATE I'm in awe at how fast time is going by. But somehow its going by slowly too.... Work has been busy and hectic due to the holiday season, I haven't even had time to enjoy the time of year yet! Its hard to get home and open my sketchbook when I have so many other things to do and prepare and christmas blahblah. I'm going to get back in the swing of things as best as I can, updating every other day and such, but I'm not going to FORCE myself to draw something when I know it would only be quick and crappy.

I have tried to sit down and just draw but nothing ever comes out. Its kind of like an art block I suppose, I just don't know what to draw. Studies seem to be the only thing I can handle, but I'll need to branch off from drawing only referenced stuff for a while. I'll do some of that next update for sure!

Anyways! Here are some 30 second colored pencil studies.

30 second studies in ink

I noticed that when I was doing 30 second poses in ink that I would often finish before the 30 second were up. So, I tried my hand at some 15 second poses!

When I was younger I wasn't the kind of person to use many references, I never straight up copied art styles or anything like that either. Nowadays I use references all the time for my figure studies, but why not my art style? So! I popped The Incredibles into my laptop, paused the screen and copied the characters. I absolutely love the style, definitely going to keep studying it!

 Digital art has been really slow for me lately, I'm just so used to sitting down and drawing quick studies that I'm having trouble starting something I know will take many hours. I guess I'll just muscle my way through it! 

So here's a wip of something random, a goat.. looking at other goats int he distance.. yep.

Some bff birdies on a branch

And I started adding color to this!

Hopefully more soon!


  1. I totally know how you feel mannnnn, November flew by and December is going just as quick (less than a week to finish 5 projects what??? gnnngnghh).

    Pretty interesting that you're studying a style! Being able to imitate other styles sounds like it would be useful down the road C:

    I really like your goat painting for some reason, can't wait to see more! And nice job on the birds, though the I think the "kicker" light on the red bird seems a bit unnatural? (the blueish lighting on its right I mean!)

    keep bloggin' broooo <3

  2. Its craaazzzyyy man! Lolol dunno how the projects thing is but work is busy!

    Yeah I'd love to get the Pixar "look" in my art, so amazziiinngg!

    I know I thought the lighting for the birds would be super simple but it seems I am very rusty! I'm probably going to restart that one, its really simple anyways and I like the composition c: