Tuesday, 6 December 2011


I'm back! Haha didn't keep to the updating every other day thing for very long, but I knew I wouldn't! Been so busy the last couple of days I didn't have time to even open my sketchbook. I'm starting again as of today but I'm guessing weekends are going to continue to throw me off track! As long as I draw as often as I can that's all that really matters!

Some quick figure studies

I'm working on putting together my portfolio but I find there really isn't much variety in my works. So I'm trying get some more traditional art in there, mainly studies and such. I started this one which isn't finished. I really have to work on the values and all that, not too happy with how its looking but I never am with my traditional art anyways!

And a fist study which I'm not too fond of either, gotta rework this one too!

I'd also like to make a painting demonstrating my (very limited) knowledge of perspective! Just a random draft I started, some guy fishing or something, yep.

More soon!

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