Friday, 6 January 2012

Big update today!

Some 30 second poses in ink, wow I'm really rusty! I'll need to keep doing more of these!

A "finished" anatomy study, its still rough but I gotta finish everything for my portfolio fast!

Some sketches of Evangeline!

Random doodles and my Skyrim character in the bottom right!

I decided I really want to work on improving my background abilities so here's a really quick 15 min study STRAIGHT UP COPIED A PICTURE ON GOOGLE AAAH YEAH 

A still life study! Still really rough, I'll try to put more effort into completely finishing future ones.

Aaaand finally a background! I had decided this was finished but the castle is just sssoooo plaaiiinn! Sigh, I guess I might rework it! I know nothing about castle architecture baaw!

More soon!

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