Friday, 1 June 2012

OOPS totally forgot to update my blog yesterday!

Anyways, I've been feeling really motivated to draw lately, after taking a good long look at my art I can see that I still have such a loooong way to go, I need to step up my game and start drawing things out of my comfort zone. I'd also like to start studying other artists styles. 

Been studying lots of athletic photographs, just trying to get my sketches to have more movement, good for practicing body mechanics as well.

One thing I noticed is that I don't know how to exaggerate proportions very well. I always kind of play it safe, not really knowing how to exaggerate things to look stylized and not just totally off. This I shall practice!

I want to start drawing animals a lot more, waaaay out of my comfort zone but its been fun! Gotta practice, practice, practice.

I think I'd like to get into traditional art. Water colors have always interested me, but I might just start off using my colored crayons.

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