Monday, 6 August 2012

Been packing for my move next week, ended up going through a lot of my old artwork, so lots of remakes in this update!

But first off some fun character doodles, def need to practice drawing men more.

Here's a funky pony I drew when I was 6.... lots of bows, a big ass rainbow, and it is apparently thinking about the sun....? And I guess I felt the need to sign my name right in the center of the piece! Haha, thought it would be fun to do a quick water color remake of it in the new pony style!

Here's a god awful butterfly girl I drew when I was 14, some pretty embarrassing stuff! The new one was inked with micron pens and rendered with Copic markers.

Next up is just a random chick, drew it when I was 13. The new one was lined with micron pens and rendered with Copic markers.

Finally Disney's Ariel! Micron pens and Copic markers.

So I'm leaving for New York on wednesday, going on a bus tour with the girls! Going to be a great time, but obviously I wont be able to update my blog. I might make a mini update tomorrow to make up for it, depends on if I get any time to draw between packing and all that!

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