Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I really really reeeeaaallllyyyy need to start doing figure drawings regularly again, drawing these I realized how much I still have to learn! Damn, anyways, these were drawn with copic markers.

Still more arm studies! 

These I drew from imagination, just having fun cartooning.

More tooned arms

Today I went down by the water, sat on a bench and started sketching. It was really nice! So relaxing. This town is so cute. Felt appropriate to draw some mermaids! 

Random giant eyed fairy I drew, might paint it for the lulz 

Aaaand rainbow Dash from my calendar! Cant wait till I can actually use the thing, gotta wait till January, booo.

So I'm going back home for a few days, so I wont be able to update on friday. It'll be nice to be home for a bit again, going to a fancy supper with my dad, his girlfriend and my siblings! School starts (sort of) next week CAN'T WAIT, still really worried that something might fall through with my loan or something, but I'm almost sure I've got everything I need.... guess we'll just have to wait and see! Been holding off on buying anything I don't absolutely need, can't wait till I get my money so I'll be able to sit down and make a budget! See how tight things are going to be haha. I was planning on taking a trip to see my bro Neo in Montreal next year, but its not looking too good anymore. Maybe I'll be able to scrape it, we'll see.

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