Sunday, 28 April 2013

Aaaah man, I totally forgot to post about this! One of my best friends Naomi (check her stuff out!) used her insane painting skills to render one of my sketches! 

Here's a step by step of her process she put together

And here's a better look at the final render. She did an amazing job and I'm ridiculously proud of her, I know she's got it in her to go so far someday! (If you're reading this Neo don't forget about me and gimme a job someday :D)

Been having lots of fun with designing silly seachimps (formerly called them seamonkeys). I quite like the one sad expression I drew here haha. This has been a really fun little side project!

Wearing heels is so fun, but I always feel so obnoxious making all that noise in quiet spaces haha 

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