Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sketchbook doodles! I really love trying out different styles, I need to find more styles to emulate!

Here's where I'm at on my jump animation. Definitely my best animation work yet, but I can already see a ton of things I would want to fix on it, which is good! 

Here's a version with a background we did in flash class. Actually, it's kind of a flash/photoshop hybrid since I finished it off with different effects and such in PS. 

Here's the layout by itself. Like I said, most of it was done in flash and a bit in photoshop. Not too bad for my first ever project in flash, I decided to go for a very stylized look but I think I may have pushed it too much/not enough, I'm not sure haha. Next layout we do I want to find a really cool show style to emulate!

And life drawing stuff! We just started studying tones, and although I LOVE toning/rendering I'm really having trouble with this assignment. We have 20 minutes to draw the full figure and tone it so it's always a race haha, unfortunately I often end up rushing the actual drawing and getting into the toning, only to realize that my proportions are waaaayyy off and the drawing doesn't work as a whole at all! Having lots of fun with it regardless. 

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