Monday, 10 June 2013

Decided to start reworking my little character Brie's design, getting tired of her current look! Trying different styles of eyes, hair, etc. I really want to animate her! 

I'm mostly sticking with the same body and head shape, just messing around with different hairdos. I want her to be a tomboy, but still somewhat feminine. 

More work done for the pinup commissions, will probably scrap the blue one though. Not satisfied with it!

Unfortunately I can't find my camera charger anywhere so I can't show any of my life drawings, cept for these! Scanned this for our last assignment of the year, full body drapery studies. I really need to work on my proportions haha

I think I forgot to post this! This is my first ever attempt at a lip-sync animation, a simple MEOW. The obnoxious voice is actually mine hahaha. This was just a really short quick assignment, we were supposed to animate a ghost going BOO but I wanted to do a meow, so I compromised with a ghost cat! 

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