Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Some blah blah and some art

Well, life is being pretty.... fickle. In general I'm happy, quite happy actually, college is coming to an end, I'm in a very happy relationship, I feel pretty good about myself on most days, I've got awesome friends and I feel like I'm making progress with my art. But..... I just don't seem to be going anywhere. I really REALLY want to get into animation mentor and do that course, but its an online class so getting a student loan is not going to be easy, or impossible. Its expensive too (not nearly as expensive as my original schooling plan, but getting a loan for that one would have been way easier...) So I'm kind of stuck right now. I was having some communication issues with the people at AM, Some emails didn't get through to me and the ones that did, my replies never got to them! We finally established this yesterday though, and I was told they would let me know if I got accepted within 24 hours. Still haven't heard from them, hope the email gets through!

I'll be getting a new job soon hopefully! I don't like my current job much, the hours are reeeally stupid and all that. I needz moneyz to follow my dreamz!

Anywho, here are some fairly recent anatomy doodles :
I started drawing various characters from movies I like, just to practice different styles and such. Here are some how to train your dragon doodles, I don't think I got their personalities right at all, especially hiccup, buuuut its a start! 

I've been designing lots of characters for an old story line of mine I've been revamping! They're all really quick lines I did one morning, I reeeeally need to learn to sit down and take my time for this kind of thing... anyways, the designs aren't nearly final, they're just vague ideas and what not! 
 Added some color with my prisma's on this one, looks so sloppy lololol

Got me a number of commissions so I'm working on those right now, although I wont be posting them until they're paid for and given to the customers : p


  1. I always thought Animation Mentor would be a fun course; one of the many online workshops I'd do if I didn't have a mountain of student debt in my way. Have you done any animation before?

  2. Actually I got a call two days ago, I've been accepted! Getting a loan is going to be tough though, maybe even impossible, but at least I'm 100% debt free so that should help! And no, I've never actually animated before, though I have dabbled with programs like flash!

  3. Nice! You'll have things moving around in no time.