Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Finished commission + Step by Step

Finally managed to finish this commission! I feel like it took forever for some reason!

I'm pleased with how it came out I suppose, I just hope the client likes it! Its one of his D&D characters, I've never played the game but it actually sounds like a lot of fun!

And I decided to put together a step by step of my King Koopa  piece, just for fun!

Here's a brief description of all the steps :

1 : Very rough sketch on photoshop, blocked out certain values and such.

2 : Added some rough base colors.

3 : Overlayed a layer of colors to give it some punch and bring the colors together.

4 : Started painting! I also changed the color of the sky.

5 : Painted some more, mostly focused on Bowser's face.

6 : More painting...

7 : Added the fire balls and small details.

8 : Overlayed another layer of colors to make bowser the focus point!

More to come soon!

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