Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Why must titles even exist

Its done! I think? Gah I always have trouble cleaning everything up at the end of my paintings, but I'm happy with the result anyways! I'll admit its not perfect, there are things I could fix up and what not but I have so much stuff to draw I don't have time to linger!

Here are some 30 second poses, I'm actually starting to see an improvement! I'm feeling way more comfortable drawing these as well.

More 30 second poses

I decided I would try drawing a front and side view of a man without reference. its not that bad I guess!

And some figure studies!

Gotta draw more!


  1. Ahh....I am so impressed how brilliant you are doing!! What an inspiration!
    I really haven't been productive at all since my last comment D:
    You go to an art school? Wow, in what course may I ask? [2D/3D animation, illustration?]

  2. Oh haha thanks! I haven't been productive at commenting at all since your last comment, and for that I am sorry :c
    And no not yet! I am next year though, an animation and graphics program! 2D animation for now but I plan on finding a 3D animation course after I finish the 2D one!

  3. Do not apologise; we all have lives (:

    Animation & Graphics? [I'm guessing Illustration & print maybe?] You will do splendidly with your work at this pace! (:

    I wish I could do what you're doing but all I can apply now is 3D animation without the 2D! :(
    Or business instead...

  4. Thank you! I'm working really hard on my figure drawing and life drawing seeing as it is the key to good animation!

    Aww that's too bad, but you could always practice the 2D part on your own! There are a number of great animation books out there, one in particular that I really like is Richard William's "The Animator's Survival Kit". Definitely worth the purchase!

  5. Good on you! (: Again I must say keep up the brilliant hard work you do! It's inspiring [at least to me]! (:

    Ooo that book has been recommended a lot! I will look into it and thanks for the recommendation! :) Thanks for the replies!!