Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Been reading Andrew Loomis' Successful Drawing, really enjoying it! I've been contemplating on trying my hand at backgrounds again, but every time I try it just doesn't work.... the reason being that I don't actually understand how perspective works, of course. SO. I'm going to be working on that from now on, starting from the ground up! Back to drawing cubes for me.

I always place the vanishing points too close to the subjects and end up getting weird distortions, once I get a better set up (I bought a super nice new drafting table for when I move out!) hopefully I'll have more space to set things up better. 

We have an old home video of my sis and myself singing Lion king tunes, thought it would be fun to illustrate! My sister was the lead of course, she knew all the words, I on the other hand just bobbed along side her, singing jibberish since I didn't know how to speak english very well yet! Haha

Karen from the Harvest Moon series, had a huge fem crush on her when I was a kid!

I will be done with work in two days. Thinking about opening 10$ sketch commissions or something, the idea of having NO INCOME WHATSOEVER is pretty terrifying! 

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