Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Mindless doodling is something I was never very good at. For some reason, just letting loose and spilling my imagination out on a piece of paper has always been unnatural for me. I seriously want to change that. I guess I was always the type of artist who would structure everything, my drawing process, the way I go about digital painting, certain steps taken in a certain order. Not to say that traditional art is unstructured, but I suppose at this point if I want to break out of this box I'm in I need to experiment, try different things, make mistakes, learn from them. I think I've already made some progress with my recent artwork, maybe not much improvement, but definitely some change. I'm excited to see what direction these new mediums will steer me in, I can honestly say that I have never been so motivated! I'm really trying not to think about my style, since its something I cant force or fake, but its exciting to think someday I might have something worth looking at!

Uh, anyways, been having a lot of fun with my ink pot and brush, will definitely be experimenting more!

I also bought a few copics just for fun, a set of yellow ones. I used my brush pen to ink the girl on the left before markering her, the one on the right was just a fun ink doodle. 

I know I'm still kind of awful at traditional art, but damn it all if I'm not gonna keep trying! 

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