Friday, 19 October 2012

Here's the final product for my latest character design project! It went A LOT better than I thought it would, big bulky characters have always been a weakness of mine. Although there are some issues with the joints and overall construction its still a success in my opinion! I could have definitely pushed the designs a lot further, specially with the little girl. Maybe I'll do that someday haha.

Werewolf turn around, could have done a better silhouette, especially for the profile view. I don't think I nailed his mechanics down well enough to draw him properly in every angle. Regardless, I'm surprised at how well it went!

Three Cannon ball drops! I'm pretty happy with the first one, the two others I feel I could have done a lot more action analysis and a better job in general. Next time! 

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  1. Woooow so cool! You are awesome C: also, Kosta seal of approval lololol