Saturday, 27 October 2012

Oops! Totally forgot to update my blog yesterday haha. 

Here are some 1 minute poses of Treat, still having some trouble drawing her, I think its because I keep drawing her legs too long... more work to be done!

So I was working on these sketches in class and a classmate of mine came over and asked if I was drawing a robot. That's when I knew there was definitely something off with the design haha. So I decided to add some little piggy features in there, hopefully that gives her more of an organic look,  not to mention it accentuates her personality really well, AND makes her look a little more like a monster or creature without making her look too scary or intimidating. 

Decided to try drawing her with shorter arms, and I think it works a lot better. There was just too much going on with the long legs AND arms, plus the short arms are less obvious and help make her silhouette look like a sucker, which is the whole point.
My teacher gave me a really neat idea of making her arms ribbons. Although I think it looks cute, obviously the little piggy nose and ears wouldn't work with the ribbon arms, not to mention she'd lose that organic little monster look I was kind of going for. I also find that with the ribbon arms she looks a bit more festive, almost like "christmas magic" and not cute little halloween spirit. I really need to add some halloween colors on there haha.

Some exploratory expressions, her eyes are a lot bigger here. 

So I started work on Trick finally, decided I wanted to design him to look like the "embodiment" of a trick. So basically just a lot of random stuff stuck together haha. 

I really like to hooded angle, kind of grim reaper meets bed sheet ghost haha, over all very long, angular and square. 

His legs were always kind of an issue, nothing was really working. So I got rid of them! I like the random snake body kind of look, makes him look even MORE of a mystery. Is it some kind of hood, or part of his anatomy??? No one knoooooows.
Fleshing him out further. 

and some one minute poses. Will be doing more of these!

 These two designs are really different from my usual stuff, so its def been a challenge for me! I'm going to keep working on them, hopefully I'll really get the hang of drawing them. I really wanted to avoid any of the usual halloween tropes, really push myself to see what my brain could come up with haha. I still have a long way to go in character design, but I LOVE doing it.