Thursday, 11 October 2012

 HUGE update! So here's a bunch of life drawings, I actually have a bunch more but I figured I'd save the rest for another time. I definitely see some progress, but I still need a lot of work with my gestures in particular. I went to the extra life drawing class tonight and it was really great! I think I really need to get that extra practice in, not to mention I LOVE doing it. 

Some pen doodles, trying to loosen up

We watched The Hidden Fortress in class the other day, so good! Felt like drawing a cheesy samurai chick.

Designing a werewolf for class so some wolf anatomy studies are in order!

Bunch of sketches for character design class, the werewolves were heavily inspired by the wolves from Secret of Kells and Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective! Having lots of fun with it, not sure how cartoony I want to go with the design.... lots more exploring to do!  

Working on a little girl design too, kids are hard to draw!

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