Saturday, 12 January 2013

Here are some really rough layout thumbnails I'm working on. VERY VERY FAR OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE, but that's the fun of it! I already have a totally new perspective on layout design so I'm looking forward to improving as much as I can!
Here are some larger roughs of what will be a toy shop layout. Just having fun with it!

More development on Relatively Strong Girl! 
 Just some super quick fun little pen doodles

 We're doing a color book in Background painting class! Having a lot of fun with it, we can get bonus points if we add a theme so mine is going to be a sort of story book called something like "Fat Cat Gets in Shape". Basically it'll follow the journey of a very fat cat on its weight loss journey! 

Life drawing stuff! One of my new year's resolutions was to not miss a single one of the extra life drawing sessions on thursday night buuuuut I totally forgot and missed this term's first session. OOPS. Starting next week for sure! haha

Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast EVERYDAY. Livin' life. 


  1. Oh man good job natty! Working hard I see c: man that lucky charms drawing made me die ♥

    1. Thanks dude! Haha yeah, I don't often draw funny little doodles about myself like that but I've been doing it a lot lately, it's a lot of fun!