Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The new term is starting out great, we'll be doing lots of layouts and painting, can't wait to get started!

Did some 30 second poses with a brush pen, need to do A LOT more of those 

Notes from life drawing class

Human Twilight Sparkle because I CAN

I really want to break away from always sticking to one style, hoping to see my style evolve and change this year. 

I got a bunch of industry model sheets from school so I thought it would be a neat idea to try drawing some of the characters as accurately as I can. Bugs Bunny is a challenging choice since I'm so familiar with him! 

I forgot to take pictures of my life drawing stuff, oops.


  1. Hi Nat! UUUinfinity here (using my real name now)! Finally caught up with your brilliant adventures and your art is improving in leaps and bounds! You are admirable and amazing through your character ideas, dedication in your countless gesture and life drawings and studies! (:

    I guess you're using blueline pencils in your sketches as I enjoy the initial lines you make as you draw.

    1. Hey! Thanks a lot dude, really means a lot! Art school is really kicking my butt to work harder, it's been really great so far. I need to catch up on your blog too haha, I'll def get on that!

      Yeah we use blue Col-Erase pencils for most of our projects at school, I LOVE using them.

  2. Hey Natty awesome work *w*