Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Gymnasts and a WIP! + life update

I cant remember exactly when I started caring about learning proper anatomy, but I do know that it couldn't have been soon enough. I've always been the type to buy a new sketch book and only ever fill it half way before buying a new one, so I always had some drawing space in an abandoned sketch book somewhere. But lately I've been drawing so may anatomy sketches that I'm running out of room! all my sketch books are being filled with naked people and meaningless exploratory doodles, needless to say I need to go shopping for some new ones. Years ago I started drawing gymnasts because of their exaggerated poses and muscle structures, and now years later I've gotten back into it.

Here's a quick nude for fun

And now the gymnast sketches!

Skethcing anything other than nudes and such has been difficult lately, I'm having another style block I think! Oh well, as long as I dont stop drawing that's all that matters I suppose. On the left in Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball Z, on the right is a character in the works!

And here's a WIP of a commission I'm working on, I'm quite happy with how its looking actually! 

So, I am REALLY bad when it comes to choosing a school. I've had a number of different plans in the last year alone, from bachelor's degrees to online courses to everything in between! But, finally I've made some real progress I think. There's an animation program not far from where I live, but I always figured it wasn't very good seeing as, well, its here in the maritimes. But, after some extensive research and creeping I found that it not only seems legit, but really fun! So, I've decided if nothing else comes up this year I'll be going there next year. Yep!

And that's all for now, hopefully I'll have some art with more substance coming up sooon!

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