Friday, 19 August 2011

Portrait, anatomy and some studies of sorts!

I'm really proud of myself, I've been drawing a lot lately. Pretty much everyday! Gotta keep this up, I feel like I'm finally making some real progress!

Anyways, here's a little cartoony portrait thing I made for my sis! She's been bugging me foreeever to get it, although I really have been procrastinating on it lololol

Been working on my anatomy as always, tried some looser sketches, they really just look messy and sloppy though. Some 30 second poses are scattered all around that I did using!

I been studying the art of many great artists lately, but in particular Glen Keane. I adore his style. Its just so... expressive and emotional and the anatomy, DAT ANATOMY, godly. So I tried my hand at his style a bit!

I really like these two sketches of Ray and Noena actually. The style is really fun and lose, although they both have that same crooked smile! I'll need to work on more creative expressions, that's next on the list~

Working on a character on the left, I'm not that fond of the drawing but meh. On the right is just a sketch of Ray and Noena again!

And here we have bluves, not entirely pleased with the sketch but I may color him regardless. 

And that's it for now! Go some more stuff on the way soon, gotta finish those commissions!


  1. I'm really loving your new style! 8D and if you want ideas for expressions, you could always do one of those expression memes?

  2. Your life studies in this post and the last are really nice Natty, keep at it! And Noena and Ray's designs are still sooo cute, I love them! I was helping a bride at work the other day names Rayna actually, haha.

    For more Glen Keane stuff, you might want to follow this tumblr:

  3. @ Jan Thanks man! Ripping of amazing artists always works out well lolololol And omg I cant even count how many times I started one of those meme's but NEVER finished them! Maybe I could tough it out till the end this time!

    @ Gab Thanks Gab! I'm trying to forget about nice shading and just understand the movement and articulations instead. Yeah Ray and Noena have been my favorites lately, although I've really gotten tired of the name Rayna! May or may not change it. Ooooh thanks for the link! I'm already following "the art of glen keane" here on blogger!

  4. Gosh I think I'll check out Glen because I'm mightly impressed by your improvements!!

  5. @ UUUinfinity Thanks! Yeah he is just fantastic, you can find a lot of his artwork here : and here :

  6. Ooooo thank you!! I was originally following you anonymously but now I'm making it public hurhur (:
    I use RSS feeds anyway and I don't get the "Reading List" thing on Blogger.