Thursday, 20 October 2011

Walking up hiiiilll

So things have been a little less productive with art lately, but luckily it hasn't stopped completely. Hoping to start doing studies more often as of today, gotta start working hardeeeer!

So wednesday I was really sick and didn't even go to work (less money, but I love my days off!) so I decided I'd look through my older sketches and paint something for the lols, so I painted this :

I wanted to make it all nice and really finished looking but I was sick and lazy so this will have to do!

Other than that I have some anatomy studies from Burne Hogath's "Dynamic figure drawing", pretty much just copied some of his illustrations, hoping his words of wisdom actually stick in my head!

Some of those are just embarrassing, my weak knowledge of male anatomy is very apparent, ugh. Oh weeeelll gonna keep truckin'!

And here are some really quick 30 second drawings I did at one point, gotta start doing those more ofteeenn

And finally some sketches of some characters I came up with a while ago, with the help of my bud Gab! I so want to bring these guys back from the dead! Just some quickies~

More soon!

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