Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Ebooks mmmm~

I've got some more sketches (more of Michelle, big surprise @w@) She has definitely become my new default girl. I'm reluctant to really start developing her personality or background much, because if I do it would be harder to draw her doing whatever I feel like drawing at the moment!

Anyways, I'm reeeally trying my best to get some movement into my artwork, but gaaah Y SO HARD. I haven't done any gesture drawings in the last week unfortunately, been busy over the weekend and such! Need to get on thaaat.

Here are some running poses, gaaaah I never know what to do with the arms! I like the bottom half of the left one though!

Some more sketches, trying to work on lumberjack zombie slaying girl a bit more, power puff girl is still looking as bland as ever!

And a fun sketch of Michelle, because I can. PROPORTIONSWHATARETHOSE?

I have some other sketches, but I want to wait until I finish filling up the pages as to avoid scanning a page multiple times. Yep! Also added some fun toning on the sketches, a fun little change ~

Ah yes and one of my bff's sent me a link to a bunch of downloadable drawing books, so I've been reading those! I'm currently reading "Dynamic figure drawing" by Burne Hogarth, I plan on reading "dynamic hands" by the same author afterwards and there's also "dynamic life drawing for animators" which sounds VERY interesting! Lets see if I can gain any real knowledge from these! 


  1. While researching "friendly muttonchops" a drawing came up within the google image search tab that lead me here. And i have to say i'm sure glad it did. You're drawings are remarkable in that cartoonish/real-life sorta aspect that i always liked. I hope to read more in the future.

  2. I don't remember posting anything about friendly muttonchops, but thank you regardless! This style is still new to me so its always great to hear that someone likes it! Do you draw?

  3. Sadly, i do not draw. I've always had the mindset for it but my hands fail me. ^_^