Sunday, 16 October 2011


Just a small update! Started painting again oh goooood how I've missed it! I have a lot of sketches to upload but I'm at my friend's place right now so I don't have a scanner! I'll post them late in a couple of days.
Here's the final version of the mystery girl, made the colors a lot darker than the WIP. Jeeezz those colors were just awful! Kind of happy with this, although there's a serious lack of movement as always.

And here we have a study, haven't painted one in a while! I'm quite happy with how this came out, I reeeeally need to start painting more dudes! Still rough but I'm not sweating the details!

That's all for now, more soooooon!


  1. Nice stuff Nat, the study is esp gorgeous *__*

  2. ^agreed, and the colors on the first one do look a lot better! unffffff I'd write something smart but I am too braindead to do so right nao