Monday, 7 November 2011

Busy? I guess so!

Woooow I can't believe how little I've drawn in the last couple of weeks! I guess I've been busy? Doesn't feel much like it, but I suppose with halloween and social outings it really took most of my time! Anyways, I still have some sketches to show for! I've decided I really want to try my hand at character designing... btu all cartoony like. Eh, its still really different for me but I'm just gonna keep drawing! 

But before that, here's Michelle and Zombie slaying girl, I'm actually quite happy with how these came out! I'll be painting zombie girl for sure.

And here's an attempt at character designing, I tried designing characters based on shapes I guess? Uh, yeah!

I have some other character designs in my sketchbook but I want to wait until I finish the pages before scanning them!

Aaaaand some anatomy doodles! Some leg and muscle studies from Burne Hogarth's book, and some pen 30 second poses.

More 30 second poses.

This time these are studies from Micheal Hampton's "Figure drawing (design and incention)" I'm really liking this book! 

More Hampton studies
 Some attempts at fluid movement/gesture drawings

More attempts at gesture drawings!

More to come!

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