Friday, 1 February 2013

Some thumbnail sketches for a jungle layout we're doing at school. I'm doing an asian jungle, we'll be using it as the layout for our whip animations of the future, so gotta think about framing the character!

5 minute thumbnail warmup and fat Raichus because they're my favorite

 Some rough design ideas for a character I'll be using for my side step animation! I really want to push myself as far as I can with this one, last term I felt as though I could have pushed myself a lot more but now I feel more ready for it, more familiar with the medium and the tools. 

I'll be going with a simple body shape with long legs. I've always been into lanky/slouching/awkward type characters with big noses apparently, I always go back to that by default haha

Eric Goldberg Studies

Hair blowing in the wind is NOT sexy, I can attest to this.

Aaaaaand buncha life drawings!

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