Monday, 18 February 2013

Here's some school stuff! Slooowly making my way back to the internet, hoping to start updating regularly again. I think it's really important to keep drawing personal stuff too, I don't want to turn into a an art robot haha

Muscle studies (Bonus points for the Zelda font)

We had to draw one character in 10 styles, I chose Relatively Strong Girl. Some of them I like, some of them I don't, wish I could have taken more time to make them nicer! It was especially difficult because although I wanted to embrace the different features of each style, I wanted to keep her overall design consistent. Her proportions don't cary over too well to certain styles haha, I tried! 

Jungle Layout! I like this one a lot better than the Toyshop, but I'm hoping to make it look better once I get some critique and revisions. I'll be cleaning it up too, of course. 

We had to draw 10 poses of Goofy, I learned a lot! Goofy is really tough to draw, mostly because he caries himself with so much personality. It's not about putting basic shapes together in good proportion, certain poses or postures, even subtle expressions are out of character for Goofy. It's the Goofy essence that's really difficult to capture. I did my best, but I think if I would have practiced Goofy more and watched more Goofy cartoons it would have made a big difference. 

I drew more pokemon! I wanna draw moooore

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