Saturday, 23 February 2013

 So I bought a bunch of pastels, been having fun with those! I'm not at all familiar with the medium but I think I'll really benefit from experimenting. 

Just drew a random girl for practice, swirly hair is fuuunn. 

3 charmander designs! Really feel like I could push the body shapes further, oh well, next time. (Next pokemon will be sandshrew!)
Pastel Pikachu

Some quick pen doodles with blue col-erase/pastels

I bought some Inda ink and a set of pen nibs, had some fun just doodling random stuff. It all looks sort of... weird haha, but it's very liberating. I feel like if I can teach myself to let loose and just draw random shapes and lines that it'll help to develop my design sense and maybe even my own style. 

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