Friday, 15 March 2013

I finally remembered to export my animations!

So here's my side step animation. I'm not very happy with it, I originally planned a very elaborate antic at the begining but I really failed at pulling it off haha, so it starts off a little weird because of that. Its all around pretty sloppy haha but I really learned a lot from it! I feel like now I could animate something way better than this already.

And here's the whip animation! This one went better than the side step, but it's still pretty wonky and rough, but I'm definitely making some progress with character animation. The whip itself doesn't work at all, I didn't plan everything out well enough. Anyways, I learned a LOT from this one especially.

We has a fun little inbetweening project, it was really fun! So here's what I managed to animate with 3 Lion King keys, the rest are all my drawings. The last two loops are a bit slower, I think it's fun to be able to see each drawing individually, not to mention it's such a short blip of an animation.

And now we're working on our profile walk cycles, here's a rough outline of what I'm doing right now. Still a lot of bugs to fix, but I'm hoping with everything I've learned so far that I'll be able to make this one demo reel worthy, which is the whole point of doing these assignments in the first place! 

 Haven't had much time to draw in my sketchbook, hopefully if I can get ahead in my work I'll be able to play around with my own personal projects, I need to start preparing for convention season too, got myself a table at Animaritime this year again wooo! Hoping to get one at Halcon too! 

Also, Minecraft is really fun.

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