Sunday, 3 March 2013

In clean up class we need to draw an action pose and render it. So I chose my new character Brie and decided to render her in a more "3D" look (easier to paint that way). Honestly I prefer a more graphic look for her, but this is going to be fun to paint too!

Here are some exploratory sketches I did for the pose

Been playing lot's of wind waker, probably my favorite game EVER. Breaks my heart that I'm too broke to buy a Wii U so I wont be able to play the pretty remake waaaaaaa. 

We'll be inbetweening some Simba keys from Lion King in clean up class, so I need to practice drawing him! Gotta get a handle on the line quality too, def going to be a challenge.

I never got around to posting my side step since I was so ashamed of it HAHA, but hey, I learned a lot. It's not finished yet and it's pretty weird looking, but I'll be fixing it over march break, so hopefully I can get it looking good!

And here is my whip animation! It's not done either (the whip is obviously all wrong at the end) and I need to do more inbetweening, but I learned SO MUCH from this assignment it's crazy. For one of my first attempts at character animation it's not half bad! Really tried my best to get all those secondary actions in there, but it is tooough. What I learned from the most was the planning stage, which is probably the most important part. The first half of the assignment was really bumpy, but once I sat down and found a way to plans things out that worked for me, it went really fast! 

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