Friday, 1 March 2013

 Earlier this week I came up with a really fun little story idea about a little girl named Brie who's queen of the sea-monkeys in her magic fish tank! Been having a ball just doodling different ideas for designs, nothing is final and it's all just for laughs haha, but I'll def be working on this little project a lot from now on.

Here are some exploratory designs, trying to push myself to try different styles and looks

Some very rough Sea-monkey design ideas. Haha I have no idea if "Sea-Monkeys" are copyrighted or not, I tried looking it up but didn't really come up with anything. I mean, this is just a fun little personal project anyways, and if ever it's a problem I'll just parody sea-monkeys instead with something like sea-donkeys or Sea-chimps or something haha.

Another character idea, still super rough!

We started our next animation project at school: the profile walk! Working on a design for my character, I want it to be as finished and final looking as possible, this one is going to be fun! Once I finish my whip animation (should be done over march break) I'll post that one too.

SO I DISCOVERED THE MAGIC THAT IS ILLUSTRATOR. Haha I've never been very good at getting a nice clean line, so I've been messing around trying different tutorials I found on the internet. So I picked one of the Brie designs and lined it in illustrator! Took the lines over to photoshop and added some simple colors. I'm so bad at picking colors HAHA

More lines done in illustrator, flat colors in photoshop. This was one of the drawings I did for the 10 styles assignment, this one was supposed to be in the style of Ren and Stimpy, sort of? haha

AND. HERE THEY ARE. My animatics. I've been pushing off posting these since foreveeerrr hahahaaaaaa ha =w=

So here's the first one, the fosters home animatic. MY FIRST EVERANIMATIC AND STORYBOARDS EVER IN MY LIFE. EVER. Omg some of the drawings are SO bad hahaha, terrible editing job on my part, and I had no idea what I was doing for the "animations", it was my first time using final cut pro X haha.

I suppose I should stop making excuses and just suck it up. 

AND YES I DID THE VOICE FOR FRANKIE. Which is probably why I put off posting this thing for so long hahaha. Listening to my own voice is just, so, wrong, and just, that's not how I sound in my head, and I'm no voice actress, but aaaaanyyyyywaaaaays. 

So here's my second one! I felt more at ease working on this one since I kinda knew what to expect, but there's still a ton of really weird derpy stuff going on haha, but overall I'm satisfied. This is the last part of a 3 part animatic, the two first parts were made by some of my classmates. We were asked to write scripts for a short "hero's journey" story, my instructor chose a few of the scripts and assigned teams to create storyboards/animatics for them. So I actually wrote the script for this myself, which was pretty neat! We decided to go with a Fosters Home style since we were already familiar with it, and we were each assigned a character to design. I designed the lead character Jeff! 

So obviously the story doesn't really stand too well on it's own in just my section haha, and it's pretty corny and generic blaah blah, but it was fun!

At the beginning of the story it's established that the dude in the car is one of Jeff's teachers, also the final scene in the hallways is also established in the first scene. It's completely blank and barren, which, y'know, yeah, shy little dude gets over his shyness and learns to share his beautiful work with THE WOOORLD AAWW. Oh yeah, and at some point he goes outside, the wind catches in his package thingy (which is a covered painting if it's not clear huur durr) and he gets dragged around town, blah blah, somehow lands on a skateboard, loses track of it, YEAH, that kinda stuff. 

HEY IT'S MARCH BREAK time to draw and play windwaker 

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