Sunday, 24 March 2013

Mooooore character designs! These ones are for animation class though, for my run cycles. Doing a princess running away from her dragon body guard type, thing, I guess?

Some quick design ideas for the princess

And here's the work I've done on getting the dragon design, I've never really drawn dragons before so this is a challenge, but in the best way possible! I was really struggling at first but I took a long hard look at some concept art from How to Train Your Dragon and doodled a bunch, I think I made a lot of progress! Drawing non humans is really fun as it turns out, although this dragon is kind of humanoid (for the sake of the run cycle of course). The drawings are in the order I drew them.

Single ladies can sometimes resemble hobbits. 

Welp, here's my first ever painted background! This was painted with Gouache on an illustration board (not sure of the exact dimensions). Anyways it was fun but reeeeally out of my comfort zone haha, I'll do a better job on the next one hopefully. 

Hopefully I'll have some run cycle animation pencil tests to show for in the next few days!

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