Wednesday, 13 March 2013

So I've got some rough designs worked out for my Wild West Animatic, I have a rough idea of the story too. This project should be a fun one!

Here's the main character, a barber dude.

This guy's design was super rushed hahaha, hopefully I can nail down something nice before I run out of time

In clean up class we're inbetweening some keys of Simba from Lion King (we got them from Dan Gracey who was an animator for Lion King, we have the permission needed to work with these of course. We'll be doing a workshop with him next week! Excited!). It's a really fun project anyways! We got 3 keys of Simba (I think it's when he sings "it means no worries" in Hakuna Matata) and we're required to do at least 2 inbetweens, but I'd like to make it look finished so I'm going to be doing a lot more. But, here are my two main breakdowns. I exported these from flipbook but they're tiny for some reason hahaha, oops! 

Nice clean lines have never been my strength, but I'm still aiming for a Disney quality line. Of course I don't actually expect a Disney quality line hahahaha, I'm more concerned over the spacing and timing of the actual animation anyways.

His ears look so funny on this one, trying to add some flexibility and stretch when he's shaking his head.

Man I keep forgetting to export my side step and whip animations from flipbook, I'll have them up on my next update which should be friday haha

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