Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Flashvember or what la.

I'm actually astonished at how quickly November flew by! I've barely gotten over the feeling of Halloween and already there's christmas music playing and decorations everywhere! Not that I'm complaining, I LOVE christmas!

But anyways, I've been keeping busy lately with the release of Skyrim (omfg too fuuunn) and now I've got Skyward sword too, but I'm promising myself that I'm still going to draw. Also been busy working on a big scholarship application!

This is going to be a long one.

Here we have some gesture drawings, I reeeeally need to draw more of these!

And some ink figures 

Ink and pencil gesture drawings

More figure studies

Started designing more characters as of late, still not comfortable with this style but I'm trying! 
I started a little project designing a bunch of witch characters based on the letters of the word "witch". So basically I'm trying to make them resemble their respective letters! 

these sketches are a bit more polished

And more character designing! This guy I was designing for my art school portfolio, not really happy with these sketches but I thought i would share anyways!

I also started a priest project of sorts, just designing a bunch of different priest!

Here I tried to design two different character based on the same animal that still look different, it was a fun little exercise! Gotta keep practiciiing~

Here are some random sketches of another character I have in the works!

And I'll finish off with some works in progress!
Here we have lumberjack girl (whom I've named Jackie) I really liked this sketch of her although I need to work out some kinks in the anatomy and such!

And finally a self portrait I also have to do for my art school portfolio, still very rough!

Jeez I didn't post until now because I thought I didn't have anything to show for, I gotta start posting more frequently but with smaller loads!



  1. Oh wow!! I'm totally blown away, man! Your designs are gorgeous!

  2. Aww thanks! I'm really glad you think so! :D