Monday, 28 November 2011

Who needs a good title anyways

So I'm feeling really motivated lately! I really think starting a sketchbook on conceptart helped get me out of my art block, everyone is so nice and offers such great critique! 

Here we have some quick ink figure studies, I've decided I really want to try and draw with pens more often. I feel as though my biggest weakness is drawing itself, I'm not very confident with my lines. But this is the sort of thing that will take A LOT of practice until I start seeing a difference. Luckily I just bought a new sketchbook so I'm going to start filling the pages with ink drawings!

More quick ink drawings! Will definitely be making more of these, some of them are garbage though! Gotta practice practice practice

A face study I painted yesterday, under an hour.

And lastly a (slightly) updated wip of Jackie, nearing completion! 

Will update again on wednesday!

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